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This book provides details about use of Liqueur (Liquor) for health , medicinal benefit and making them as a hobby. This book is must for Liqueur (Liquor) lovers around the world.This book also gives an insight knowledge of making liqueurs (Liquors) and their evolution on the line of Ancient Indian Ayurvedic way. The book contains details about Heritage Liqueur (Liquor), Herbal and Spiced Liqueur (Liquor) i.e Royal Chandr Haas, Royal Jagmohan, Kesar Kasturi etc.

The book has been mentioned in Ambrosia- an alcoholic beverages magazine. Its editor Toprit Saifi interviewed His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh who provided an insight about the prized possession of Heritage Liqueurs (Liquor) of Rajasthan.



"An ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure".

A person who is aware of the serverity of situations that can arise out of heavy drinking would always be aware of taking precautionary measures such as avoiding mixing of drinks or substituting the drinks with water frequently in order to avoid dehydration and nullify the chances of being plagued by a hangover.

In this new book, "HANGOVER CAUSES AND CURE" , author gives a detailed description on Sensible Drinking of Alcohol, its effect on body, how to overcome its aftermath, different method to cure Hangover and Drinking Etiquettes.



Author A K Singh worked with Government controlled Liqueur (Liquor) Company Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Limited. In state of Rajasthan which is famous for producing herbal and spiced liqueur (liquor). He is credited with Introduction of The Heritage Liqueu (Liquor) in the State. He has completed his education with honours and PG in Economics and specialization in Industrial Economics.


A good sportsman and a cycle polo player of his time. Currently, he is Vice-President of Rajasthan Roller Sports Association.

His involvement in the Heritage Liqueur (Liquor) Project allowed himself to get involved in collecting and shaping the recipes for Liqueur (Liquor) Lovers. This compilation led to his first book -'Liqueur World- History and Making.'


His latest book -' Hangover Causes and Cure' gives a detailed description on sensible drinking of alcohol, its effects on body, how to overcome its aftermath, different method to cure hangover and drinking Etiquettes.



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